ACGME Duty Hour Clarification (March 22, 2020)

Dear PDs:

Please review these clarifications of the institutional expectations around ACGME Duty Hours in response to COVID-19:

  • ACGME Duty Hour Requirements remain in effect and must be followed and monitored as usual
  • PDs are responsible for monitoring up to date worked hours for trainees even when trainees are working off service.
  • Residents and fellows should not be called in on their 1 day off in 7
  • Residents and fellows must stay within a 60 mile radius on days off and if on vacation
  • When residents/ fellows are on vacation (but NOT when on their 1 day off in 7) there is a 1 hour recall policy (sent by the Dean last week). This policy allows you to call someone back from vacation should there be a critical overflow of patients or loss of key members of the workforce. We hope this contingency will never need to be used and it would only be used in extreme circumstances.

As work for residents and fellows moves out of the hospital please be aware that:

All clinical contact with patients (phone or tele-visit) must be appropriately supervised by a named attending. (Indirect supervision with direct available)

We are clarifying how this worked time (clinical and educational)  should be listed in NI to be compliant with CMS Medicare reimbursement rules and will advise you as soon as available.

Through our weekly PD Bulletin, we will send you suggestions for educational items that you may want to assign those out of the hospital.

All house staff should be familiar with correct usage of PPE. Here is the CDC link:

We are working to set up streamlined communications and will advise you as that system is available. We also plan for a PD Zoom Q&A next week. Please send me any questions you would like to have addressed.

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing dedication,