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Program Director Bulletin for COVID 19 (April 1, 2020)

Program Director Bulletin for COVID 19

April 1, 2020

This PD Bulletin will be published weekly and will be posted on under Program Leadership.

Weekly Zoom PD Q&A session on Thursday nights at 6pm-7pm

              April 1, 2020- Topic to be discussed:

– Q & A with Jay Malone, MD:  Our local ethics expert discusses difficult conversations with house staff.  Relevant article:

Please send any questions for Dr Malone to Subject: Dr. Malone questions

–  Q & A with Institutional Leadership

Only questions submitted by NOON Thursday will be included on that night’s call. Others will roll over to the next week if not answered.

Institution moves to Stage 2 ACGME COVID Response 

see announcement 03/31/202.

Also in PD Microsoft Teams File

GME will be surveying PDs for skill sets of trainees for master planning document for potential clinical redeployment. WATCH for SURVEY!

ACGME BULLETIN E-Communication released 3/30/2020

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Provides new updates on the following FAQs:

  • Work Hours
  • Medical School Early Graduates
  • Milestones
  • Year-End Activities
  • Accreditation Data System (ADS) Submissions
  • New Program Applications
  • Increases in Complement

 ACGME response to COVID-19:  Letters to Specialty Community site

Education Commission on Foreign Medical Graduate (ECFMG/FAIMER) Statement

“Department of State Signals Visa Processing for Medical Professionals Will Move Forward”


Residents and fellows of VBJH/ Wash U/ SLCH in need of housing near the Medical Campus should utilize


Daily PD synopsis available

Many PDs are synopsizing the day’s important notices and information and sending out to their trainees. This has helped house staff deal with the onslaught of multiple notices and alerts that jam their emails, often missing important information. For those PDs who don’t have the bandwidth to write a nightly update themselves, Dominique Cosco, PD for Int Medicine residency is sharing her nightly synopses in PD Teams. Feel free to cut and paste or downright steal it for use in your programs and avoid making another “wheel.” Find it in PD Teams under hidden channels>Wellness Channel>Internal Medicine Daily Debrief Emails.  Thanks, Dominique!


 Wellness Update – Jenny Duncan, MD

UBER EATS : We are working with Uber Eats to make available a one-time only $25 coupon to be used by house staff. We will send availability information to PDs and PCs for distribution to trainees.

Login information for these sessions are also posted in New Innovations – links are at the very top of the home page when trainees login.

  • Meg Krejci, WU Mindfulness expert, is offering several mindfulness opportunities to our whole community, including residents. There will be a resident / fellow Mindful Connection group session every Tuesday from 5:00 – 5:30 via Zoom. These 30 min sessions will focus on sharing and connection, with a brief mindfulness activity at the end. They can join by Zoom:  Other offerings can be found at:
  • If program directors are interested in either a facilitated support group session for PDs OR a mindfulness session for PDs with Meg Krecji, please email to express your interest. If we have enough, even for a small group, we will coordinate both opportunities. Please note which you are interested in: Support Group and/or Mindfulness.


Educational Resources – Dominique Cosco, MD

  • New educational resources have been uploaded for Program Directors in the MS Teams folder.
  • To access, please go to Files (top banner) and look for the folder labelled GME Educational Resources.
  • The most updated document (3.31) has links to online resources including the new collection from AAMC on Teaching and Learning Experiences during COVID-19.
  • Also, multiple Wash U program directors have shared their educational strategies for GME online learning and how they have transitioned their individual programs over the past few week.
  • If you have an idea to share, please email Dominique Cosco at


Also, feel free to ask questions of other program directors about their strategies and approaches to education continuity of residents/fellows by using the GME Educational Resource channel on the left hand column on the main page of the Program Director MS Team.

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