Coordinator Resources

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2018-2019 Coordinator Timeline 2018_08_24 (docx)

2016 – 2017 Institutional Oversight Schedule 2017_04_07 (pdf)

ACGME Clinical Competency Committee (CCC), A Guidebook for Programs 2015_01 (pdf)

ACGME e-Communication, Clarification on Membership for Clinical Competency Committees (CCC) 2014_04_18 (pdf)

ACGME Milestones 2.0 – The Next Generation Slides 2017_08_02 (pdf)

Annual Program Evaluation (APE) New Innovations 2017-2018 2017_04_11 (pdf)

All programs are required to use the APE in New Innovations.  Once logged in to the New Innovations website, go to Administration -> Program (in the white bar between Dashboard and Software Setujp)-> APE

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Common Program Requirements 2017_07_01 (pdf)

Common Program Requirements for One-Year Fellowships 2017_07_01 (pdf)

Coordinator listing 2018_09_19 (pdf)

Council on Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology (CREOG) Information (pdf)

Exceptionally Qualified Candidate (EQC) ACGME Policy and Checklist 2017_07_10 (pdf)

Exceptionally Qualified Candidate (EQC) GME Checklist 2016_07_25 (pdf)

Exceptionally Qualified Candidate (EQC) GME Process and Deadline Dates 2017_03_20 (pdf)

FAQs – PLA (Program Letter of Agreement) vs MAA (Master Affiliation Agreement) (pdf)

Illegal and Legal Forms of Questions to ask Applicants (pdf)

Institutional Oversight for Non ACGME accredited programs in GME 2018_01_08 (pdf)

Measuring Reflection on Participation in Quality Improvement Activities for Maintenance of Certification, Academic Medicine, Vol. 89, No. 10 / October 2014 (pdf)

Supplemental Digital Appendix, Instrument to Measure Reflection on Participation in Quality Improvement Activities for Maintenance of Certification, Academic Medicine, 2014 (pdf)

New Innovations, Prepare for the New Academic Year, Handbook 2016 (pdf)

Practical Guide to the ACGME Self-Study, Journal of Graduate Medical Education 2014_09 (pdf)

Program Letter of Agreement (PLA) Template (docx)

Protocol for Oversight of GME Programs 2013_11 (pdf)

Requesting a Compliment Increase – Temporary or Permanent 2018_02_08 (pdf)

Requesting a Program Director Change 2018_02_08 (pdf)

Request for Withdrawal of an ACGME Accredited Program 2018_02_08 (pdf)

ScooterGuy service for fatigued house staff: a free service to get fatigued house staff home safe

Smoking Cessation Flier 2014_09 (pdf)

Veterans Affairs (VA) St. Louis Health Care System Graduate Medical Education (GME) Trainee On-Boarding: Road to Standardization 2017_04_17 (pdf)

Please contact Joseph Bloomquist ( or 314-652-4100 Ext. 55528) with questions related to VA GME Trainee On-Boarding.