GMEC Meeting Schedule and Due Dates AY2021-2022

GMEC Meeting DateGMEC-EC Meeting DateEQC/Non-Standard/PD Change Document Review MeetingCIRC Meetings for Temp and Perm IncreasesDOCUMENT Due Dates Submitted and received through Qualtrics
8/8/228/2/227/22/22, 4pm7/27/22 , 4pm 7/21/22, 3pm
9/12/229/6/228/22/22, 4pm 8/31/22 , 4pm 8/18/22, 3pm
10/10/2210/4/229/26/22, 4pm 9/28/22, 4pm 9/22/22, 3pm
11/14/2211/1/2210/24/22, 4pm 10/26/22, 4pm 10/20/22, 3pm
12/12/2212/6/2211/28/22, 4pm 11/30/22, 4pm 11/23/22, 3pm
2/13/232/7/231/30/23, 4pm 2/8/23, 4pm 1/26/23, 3pm
3/13/233/7/232/27/23, 4pm 3/1/23, 4pm 2/23/23, 3pm
4/10/234/4/233/27/23, 4pm3/29/23, 4pm 3/23/23, 3pm
5/8/235/2/234/24/23, 4pm4/26/23, 4pm4/20/23, 3pm
6/12/236/6/235/22/23, 4pm5/31/23, 4pm5/18/23, 3pm

Qualtrics Change Request Forms:

Complement Increase Request

Complement Increase Request – Temporary or Permanent Instructions

Complement Increase Request Form

Program Director Change Request

Program Director Change Request Instructions

ACGME Accredited Program Director Change Request Form

Non-ACGME Accredited Program Director Change Request

Program Coordinator Change Request

ACGME Accredited Program Coordinator Change Request Form

Non-ACGME Accredited Program Coordinator Change Request Form

Non-Standard Applicant Request

Non-Standard Applicant Request Form

Request for GMEC Approval of International Graduates in Non-Standard Programs – Editable 2011_11_14 (docx)

International Graduates in Non-Standard Program Checklist 2017_11_29 (docx)

Exceptionally Qualified Candidate (EQC) Request

Exceptionally Qualified Candidate (EQC) Request Qualtrics Form

Additional Resources:

Request for Medicare, Resident and New Physician Training Program (pdf)

Policy on GMEC Approval of Major Changes to Accredited Programs 2011_11_14 (pdf)

WebADS and Annual Update Review (GMEC Meeting Slides 2019_08_01) (pdf)