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PPE for medical staff

We have reinforced with our nursing teams that every team member – clinical and non-clinical – must be provided with all necessary personal protective equipment before entering the room of a COVID-positive patient or PUI, if they don’t have the required PPE already. Please ask the nursing leader on the floor or patient care director if you require PPE while on the unit.

All clinical unit leaders have a mechanism to refresh the supply of PPE in their areas. If for some reason the nursing leader is unable to provide PPE, which is more likely to occur during off-hours, the Nursing Office will have PPE supplies to supplement until the Logistics team can bring them more. To reach the Nursing Office, contact the on-call number for the Nursing Supervisors (South Campus: 314-424-1662; North Campus: 314-424-6690).

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The following resources and services are available for all residents and clinical fellows.

ACGME Milestones

Campus community

Diversity / Inclusion Initiatives and Resources

Fatigued House Staff

Human Resources

Joint Commission

Professional and Personal Development Resources

Please note that the resources listed below are at cost to either the trainee or the trainee’s department.