Important Deadlines

Due dates for academic year 24-25 for WebAds and APE.

If your ADS due date listed is August 23rd, you will follow the dates belowIf your ADS due date is September 20th, you will follow the dates below​
ADS Opening Day: July 8thJuly 15th
ADS & APE due to GME:August 9th September 6th
GME will return with feedback by:August 19th September 16th
Program must submit in ADS with final changes by:August 23rdSeptember 20th


What is ACGME?

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education is the accrediting and monitoring body for ACGME accredited residencies and fellowships in the United States.


WebADS is the data collection system for ACGME. WebADS is the central portal for reporting program details and primary communication tool between ACGME, the Sponsoring Institution, and individual programs. Annual updates are due every fall and require DIO approval of the Major Changes section.

Annual Program Evaluations

What is APE?

The APE is a yearly program self-evaluation required by ACGME and conducted by the Program Director and appointed Program Evaluation Committee. Required information is written and reviewed by the Sponsoring Institution’s GME Office.

Non-ACGME Accredited

Non-ACGME Accredited Programs will be required to submit an APE as required by the GME Consortium Operating Principles. The due date for the APE will be Friday, September 6th 2024.


ACGME Survey

Participating in the ACGME Survey is required for trainees and faculty every AY for all accredited programs. Programs must achieve above 80% completion rate for compliance. Programs manage distribution & can track completion via WebADS. These surveys are available from February to April with data being returned in May/June.

Institutional Survey

The Institutional Survey is an annual survey on the state of the trainee experiences at the institution. It is written and reviewed by the Sponsoring Institution’s GME office and is conducted through New Innovations. Participation is required for both Accredited and Non-ACGME Accredited programs. An 80% completion rate is required for compliance.