What is an Elective Rotation?

A short-term rotation that gives trainees the opportunity to broaden and tailor their educational experience.

Application materials must be submitted WUSM Program Leadership for Internal or Visiting Trainee Elective Requests.

Agreements Documents

Agreements will not be reviewed or processed during the blackout dates. September/October rotation requests must be submitted by February 26th, 2024.

Legal Reviews

Agreements using another institution’s documentation and/or edits made to our documents will be reviewed by our legal team. This will take a minimum of 16 weeks.

Blackout Dates

Visiting trainees will not be allowed to rotate or observe in one of our programs from March 1st – August 31st. This does not apply to internal trainees going out.

Application Freeze

Internal trainee applications will not be reviewed or processed From June 14th- August 12th 2024 by the GME Office.

WUSM Visitor Guide

Typically, Elective Rotations last 1- 4 weeks. An extended rotation will be considered only if submitted in the initial application to GME Staff, this applies to external and internal trainees. Rotations will not be extended if rotation has begun.