Graduate Medical Education Wellness Counseling provides free and confidential services to residents and clinical fellows in the Washington University Medical School/Barnes Jewish Hospital/St. Louis Children’s Hospital Graduate Medical Education Consortium.

Our services promote well-being, help reduce clinician burnout, and support your mental health. You do not need a specific mental health concern in order to seek services. In fact, many of the trainees we work with do not meet diagnostic criteria for a mental health disorder but are simply addressing an acute stressor, seeking support in making an important decision, dealing with conflict in relationships, or managing the ups and downs of being human. If you are wondering if counseling could be helpful for you, we encourage you to reach out so we can explore this together.

Services include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Referrral for psychiatric services supported by GME
  • Group Debriefs
  • Support Groups
  • Educational workshops
  • Consultation


Counseling services are confidential in accordance with the ethical standards of the American Psychological Association (APA) and state and federal law. Neither the fact that you seek counseling nor any information disclosed in the sessions will appear in your GME training records. Counseling records are not kept in EPIC.

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You’ve worked hard to get here – years of schooling, countless hours studying, and numerous interviews. This is a time of tremendous growth. It is also a time when the pressure can be high and the resources can below. You’re tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. You’re not the only one but sometimes it feels that way. It’s not always easy to ask for help, especially when you are used to being the one that does the helping. Your willingness to talk to someone is a courageous move and we are honored to walk this journey with you.

During our initial meeting, we will work together to discuss your concerns and consider appropriate resources to help you meet your goal.

Click here to schedule an initial consultation online or call us at 314-285-3667 or 314-312-9394

Our Staff

Raquel Cabral, Ph.D.
Phone: 314-285-3667
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More about Raquel:

Dr. Raquel Cabral earned her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and has worked as a clinician in a variety of settings including university counseling centers, a community health center, and a residential treatment center. Prior to joining the Graduate Medical Education team at Washington University School of Medicine she served as the Director of Health Promotion and the Women and Gender Equity Resource Center, and the Director of Campus Recreation at Florida Atlantic University. She is passionate about helping people and communities achieve their full potential. In her free time, she enjoys running, cycling, traveling, and good food.

Cheryl King-Easterling, M.A.
Licensed Professional Counselor
Phone: 314-312-9394
Schedule a time to meet with Cheryl

More About Cheryl:

Cheryl King-Easterling is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 14 years of clinical experience working with individuals, families and groups. She spent the past 9 years working in community-mental health serving as both a therapist and a clinical supervisor. Cheryl served as the leader of the Trauma-Informed Care initiative at her former agency, promoting wellness in both clients and staff. She is experienced in evidence-based practices addressing issues such as stress, burnout, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and trauma.

GME Wellness Counseling Services Location and Hours:

Monday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Tuesday: 9a.m. – 8p.m.

Thursday 8a.m. – 7p.m

Wednesday, Fridays: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Your GME Wellness Counselor may not always be immediately available. GME Wellness Counseling does not maintain 24-hour access to email or voicemail. Information shared through email or voicemail may not be retrieved for several days. If you are in crisis or experiencing a life-threatening or harm-producing emergency, please call “911” or go to your nearest emergency room. Please see links below for additional after-hours and crisis resources

Crisis Resources:

If you are in crisis or experiencing a life-threatening or harm-producing emergency, please call “911” or go to your nearest emergency room.

Additional Counseling Resources:

Educational and Self-Help Resources:

  • Making the Difference – Pressure in the high-stakes environment of medical training can be overwhelming. This video from Mayo Clinic and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention explains how everyone can help prevent suicide by being alert for the signs of depression and escaping stress and how to be most helpful.
  • ACGME Well-being Resources – This initial set of AWARE resources focuses on individual strategies for cognitive skill building, and includes a video workshop, podcasts, and the ACGME AWARE app.
  • The Nocturnists – On The Nocturnists podcast, doctors share stories of joy, sorrow, and self-discovery. Based on the live storytelling event of the same name, and hosted by physician Emily Silverman, this podcast is animated by a deep-seated curiosity about health, illness, and human connection.

Initial Consultation Paperwork and Notice of Privacy Policies: