Program Letter of Agreement

An educational agreement between a GME program and the Participating Site where a recurrent, standing rotation is located.

Programs must confirm IIAA eligibility to initiate a PLA.

IIAA Deadline for adding participating sites due are January 25th for AY 24-25.

IIAA: Inter-Institutional Affiliation Agreement

These legally binding agreements are solely initiated and managed by the WashU/BJH/SLCH GME Consortium.

Site Director Responsibilities

Ensure the appropriate labeling of the GME Consortium.

Coordinate with program leadership on required business processes and GME processes.

Upload fully executed agreement in New Innovations.

Faculty Practice Plan (FPP)

WashU CLINIC practice locations with WashU Physician Faculty are considered within the consortium and will not require a PLA. Off-campus sites with in-patient or procedural experience are not included. If trainees leave the clinical space, a PLA is required. Programs are excluded from using the FPP for Illinois locations.