GMEC Meeting Schedule and Due Dates AY 2023-2024

All Requests ( Qualtrics forms) &
Supporting Documents

Due by 3pm CST
Executive Committee Meeting

GMEC Meeting Dates

Time: 4-5pm
7/21/238/4/238/14/23- in person
9/19/2310/3/2310/9/23- zoom
11/22/2312/8/2312/11/23- in person
1/25/242/8/242/12/24- zoom
3/22/244/5/244/8/24- in person
5/23/246/6246/10/24- zoom

GMEC Change Request Forms

Complement Increase Request:

Complement Increase Request – Temporary or Permanent Instructions

Complement Increase Request Form

Program Director Change Request:

Program Director Change Request Instructions

ACGME Accredited Program Director Change Request Form

Non-ACGME Accredited Program Director Change Request

Non-Standard Applicant Request:

Non-Standard Applicant Request Form

Request for GMEC Approval of International Graduates in Non-Standard Programs – Editable 2011_11_14 (docx)

Exceptionally Qualified Candidate (EQC) Request:

Exceptionally Qualified Candidate (EQC) Request Qualtrics Form

Additional Forms

Program Coordinator Change Form: Program Coordinator Change Request Form

This form does not need GMEC Approval and does not get submitted to GMEC in anyway.

Annual Program Evaluation (APE): AY23-24 APE Action Plan and Follow-Up

Program Letter of Agreement (PLA): PLA Template

WUSM MOA Cover Letter Template: WUSM MOA Appointment Letter Template