GMEC is the responsible committee with oversight and authority for each ACGME Accredited Program within our consortium. This committee oversees Program Director changes, review and approval of new programs, complement increases as well as other accreditation concerns with all of our residencies and fellowships, accredited or non-accredited.


Executive and GMEC meetings dates and times.


Non-standard training information and resources.


GMEC Change Oversight Qualtrics forms.

ACGME requirements for GMEC

  • Development and review of policies and procedures that affect both ACGME-accredited and non-accredited clinical training programs and their trainees
  • Maintain oversight of and liaison with clinical program directors
  • Conduct regular reviews of ACGME-accredited clinical training program in accordance with the Common Program Requirements and Review Committee Program Requirements
  • Review and approve non-ACGME accredited clinical training programs to insure that they meet equivalent standards to those required for accredited programs
  • Review and approve changes to training programs which could affect educational quality or require ACGME approval
  • Provide a forum for exchange of information among all parties involved in graduate medical education
  • Review Letters of Notice and Special Reviews concerning all ACGME-accredited clinical training programs and monitor action plans for correction in areas of non-compliance